AI & Machine Learning

AJT Software Labs are constantly are on look out for New Travel Portal Development add-ons. Apart from the API/XML/GDS integration for Flights and Hotels, we have come up with Chat Bots for Travel domain, Artificial Intelligence or AI has brought a revolution in new Travel arena. Almost all the OTAs and DMCs will have to embrace this new era of AI and Machine learning platform. Chat Bots are actually the advanced and more sophisticated versions of Chat Window which was used since prolonged periods. Read More…

B2B & B2C API/XML Integration Company

AJT Software Labs provides you an unique solution for B2B & B2C API/XML Integration wherein we do not charge the customer for the B2B API/XML integration if in B2C they are already getting API integrated. Normally B2B segment with API/XML same as in B2C is an replica or mirror image of the B2C only difference being is the sign up section and few changes in the admin area. AJT software Labs provides best of class B2B & B2C API integration in the quickest time interval, owing to the fact that we already have the approved codes from the wholesalers and any back and forth submission process is avoided. The integration process works seamlessly with B2B & B2C module together and with equal ease. Get in touch with our Sales team to know more about this B2B & B2C API/XML integration process.

Best Flight Integration Company

Flight Integration is often an overrated word in Travel Technology. Many of the Travel agents are unaware of the Flight Integration Company and what exactly had to be done to obtain the Flight API/XML. AJT Software Labs provides you with the best Flight integration facility and we educate the client about how to obtain the API. Unless you are an IATA agent, GDS connectivity is not possible and there is no use in going with third party flight integration services. It’s very imperative for any travel agents to make sure that they choose right supplier for their Flight API.

We are not only Best Flight Integration Company but we also provide you the linking with most of the wholesalers including GDS as per our partnerships. The entire process of integration depends on the feasibility and ease of getting the documents from the wholesalers. AJT has successfully finished integration of all the GDSs available in the market and leads the market as one of the pioneers of the best Flight integration company.

Flight Third Party Integration Services

FFlight third party integration services are something which every travel domain mainstream person should understand. Any third party flight company borrows there inventory from the GDS, they put their markups and sell it to those travel agents who are basically an Non IATA member. Its very important to understand here that the inventory being sold to clients has another set of markup added by the agents themselves and thus the rates spikes up. Rather than using this tool to make profit, which is near to impossible, agents should use it as a mode to get there IATA license.

Flight third party Integration Services adheres to a simple policy to get the Flight booking engine on web. Apart from this it serves no commercial purpose. AJT has successfully accomplished several Flight third party integration services, thanks to its customer base far and wide. Kindly reach us to avail similar services.